Tax Bills

How often and when will I be billed?
There are two bills per year. The first bill of the year is an estimate, based on one half of the previous year’s tax rate. This bill, printed and mailed out during the month of May, is usually due July 1st each year. The tax rate is set in the fall of the year, after which the final bill is printed. The final bill is calculated using the new rate multiplied by your property’s assessed value as of April 1st, less any payment made to the first bill. The final bill is printed and mailed in the middle to the end of October. It is usually due December 1st each year. Taxpayers may make partial payments in any amount during the year.

What if I didn’t get a tax bill?
Bills are sent to the address of the last known owner as required by state law. The Assessor’s office and Tax Collector’s office update their records according to real estate transfers received from the Rockingham County Registry of Deeds, after they are recorded. Your attorney or closing company should have checked the status of the taxes due. However, it is your responsibility, as the new owner, to make sure the taxes are paid and to advise us of your mailing address in writing. Interest at 8% per annum is charged on the tax bills not paid by the due date and interest at 14% per annum is charged on tax bills not paid by the lien date.