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The Assessor’s Office is responsible for setting the annual assessment (as of April 1st of each year) of properties located within the Town to determine their value for tax purposes, and to prepare the warrants to the Tax Collector for the collection of property taxes. The Assessor’s Office does not collect taxes.
The Assessor's Office is responsible for ensuring equitable assessments, which distribute the Town's tax burden in accordance with state statutes. Assessments are based on fair market value of property and are applied in a fair, equitable and consistent manner.
The Town of Auburn contracts with an assessing firm for the detailed work that is required by the State of New Hampshire to be performed by certified property assessors, while Town staff provides support in maintaining the Town’s records and in assisting the public. Your assessing office strives to provide the best possible customer service. Information regarding: assessments, tax exemptions, tax credits, tax deferrals, current use assessments, conservation restriction assessments, discretionary easements, abatement requests, and timber tax is available through this office. Physical data on buildings and land, as well as deed and property ownership information can also be found in this office. Or click on the links above for more information.
Other functions performed in the Assessor's Office include:

  • Continuous update of Ownership information
  • Annual update of Tax Maps
  • Verification of Deed histories and Sales Research
  • Administration of Timber and Excavation (Yield) taxes
  • Administration of the Current Use program
  • Processing of applications for Tax Credits and Exemptions
  • Processing of Abatement Applications

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Denise A. Royce Land Use Administrator (603) 483-5052