Highway Safety Committee

Appointed Officials, 3 year terms, expiring March.

Under the authority of state statute (RSA 21-P: 60), local governments are authorized to establish local highway safety programs.  For the Town of Auburn, the Board of Selectmen appoint members to the Highway Safety Committee.  The committee includes the Road Agent, a representative of the Police Department, a member of the Board of Selectmen and three members of the general public.

The Highway Safety Committee is empowered to review and recommend potential grant funded programs for the Town of Auburn that can be available through the New Hampshire Highway Safety Agency.  The Committee also serves as an advisory committee to the Board of Selectmen in terms of various safety issues or concerns related to local roadways.

RSA 21-P: 61: - Provides the New Hampshiore Highway Safety Agency is "the agency responsible under the executive direction of the governor to develop and implement the state’s Highway Safety Program." RSA 21-P: 60 further states that each political subdivision (towns, village districts, school districts, cities and counties)" which implements highway safety programs approved by the Governor in accordance with Highway Safety Act of 1966 is eligible for reimbursement of federal funds apportioned to this state for such programs."

The goal of the New Hampshire Highway Safety Agency (NHHSA) is to reduce motor vehicle crashes and the resulting deaths, injuries, and property damage. In addressing these problems the NHHSA uses Federal Highway Safety funds to focus on the following program areas:

  • Occupant Protection
  • Impaired Driving
  • Speed, Distracted Driving, Rules of the Road
  • Traffic Records
  • EMS
  • Program Management
  • Motorcycle Safety
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety

Grants can only be written with state, county and local government entities.

Board Members

Name Title
Michael C. DiPietro Chairman (2021)
Daniel Carpenter Member (2021)
Dennis Vieira Member (2021)
Michael W. Dross Road Agent
Sgt. Kevin Cashman Police Representative
Todd R. Bedard Selectman