Parks and Recreation Commission

Appointed, 3 year terms, expiring March.

The Parks and Recreation Commission is responsible for managing land owned by the Town as a park or recreation area. Under RSA 35-B: 3, the Parks and Recreation Commission may:

  • Hold and manage real and personal property
  • Make contracts
  • Grant concessions
  • Charge fees for participation and use of facilities
  • Make and enforce rules regarding the use of property, facilities or equipment
  • Manage an annual budget for the support and operation of park and recreational activities

The Parks and Recreation Commission consists of seven voting members including six individual appointed by the Board of Selectmen and one Selectman designated by the Board of Selectmen to serve as an ex-officio member of the Commission. The six individual members are appointed for staggered three-year terms of office, while the Selectman member is appointed for a one-year term..

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Amy Lachance Parks and Recreation Coordinator (603) 483-5052 x101

Board Members

Name Title
Patty Rousseau Chairman (2020)
Margie McEvoy Vice Chairman (2021)
Dave Oliviera Commissioner (2022)
Patrick Kelly Commissioner (2020)
Zachery Eaton Commissioner (2021)
Mary Royer Commissioner (2021)
Todd R. Bedard Selectman (2020)