Boat Registration & Renewals


Boat Registrations

For your convenience, the Town Clerk is able to register or renew boats for ANY New Hampshire boat owner or out of state owner if the boat is housed in New Hampshire.
Please Note:   By registering or renewing your boat in Auburn, the Town retains 100% of the “Boat Fee” portion of the registration, which would otherwise be paid to the State.   The remaining “Registration Fee” portion is remitted to the State.


  • Bring in your previously issued signed registration OR               
  • The State of New Hampshire signed renewal notice that you received in the mail

New Registration Requirements

A Bill of Sale signed by both the Buyer and Seller including the following information:

  • Model Year
  • Make
  • Fuel Type
  • Horsepower
  • Inboard/outboard Designation
  • Single Or Twin Engine
  • Boat Length
  • Boat Color
  • Hull Identification Number (1973 & Newer Must Be 12 Digits)
  • Hull Material
  • Nh Bow Number If Previously Registered In New Hampshire
  • The Town collects a $5.00 Agent fee for each boat registered at the Clerk's office.