Vehicle Registrations

All registrations need to begin at the Town Clerk’s office

Form of payment is either CASH, CHECK OR CREDIT CARD – Please note that we can accept Mastercard, Discover, Visa and American Express
IMPORTANT : When using a Credit Card there is a 2.79% fee (minimum of $1.50) charged.  This is a processing fee and not retained by the town.

Renewals – You will need to bring in last year’s (current) registration to complete a renewal. If your vehicle was registered in Auburn last year you may renew your vehicle on-line using E-Reg.   If you are renewing a registration and you are NEW RESIDENT TO AUBURN, you will  need to come in to the Town Clerk’s office with your last year’s registration along with proof of Auburn residency (mail received at your new legal Auburn address- not PO Box).

New Vehicle Registration – To register a newly purchased vehicle you will need to present to the Town Clerk a Certificate of Origin, a Title or a Title Application (blue paper) prepared by a NH dealer for all vehicles year 2000 and newer.  If it is  a private sale and the vehicle is a 2000 and newer and the title is signed over to two individuals, both need to come in to the Town Clerk's office to register so that they can sign the application for a new title.

For vehicles  year 1999 and older you will need a bill of sale PLUS a previous NH Registration of vehicle purchased(or copy), OR a valid New Hampshire or out of state title, OR a completed VIN Verification form 19A (download) or (available at the Town Clerk’s office)

Transfers -  To complete a transfer of plates from a previously owned vehicle to a newly purchased one you will need the information listed above under new vehicle registrations PLUS the  current registration for the plates you wish to transfer.    Please note that the first name on both vehicle registrations MUST agree to complete a transfer.   If you do not have the current registration, you may receive one from the Town Clerk for a fee of $17.50.    The only exception would be when transferring a leased vehicle.  In that case the second name on the registration and new paperwork must agree.

Motor Vehicle Registration

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