Library Trustees

Elected Officials, 3 years terms, expiring March.

Public libraries in New Hampshire are under the control of a locally-elected board of library trustees.  In Auburn, the Board of Library Trustees consists of three members who are elected by the public to serve for staggered three-year terms.

The Library Trustees shall have the “entire custody and management of the public library and of all the property of the town relating thereto, including appropriations.” (RSA 202-A: 6).  Unlike other town departments and offices, the Library Trustees are responsible for the management of their funds and the paying of their bills, as the statute further provides the budget appropriation “must be turned over to them by the treasurer on a schedule agreed to by the selectmen.”  (RSA 202-A: 11).

Beyond town appropriations, the Library Trustees may also expend money from unanticipated funds from government and private sources (such as gifts and grants), money from income-producing equipment (such as photocopying fees), and income from library trusts funds.

New Hampshire has a proud history for local public libraries.  The very first free public library to be funded by public funds in the world was established by the Town of Peterborough, NH in 1833.
The duties and responsibilities of the Library Trustees include:

  • Operation and maintenance of the library
  • Adoption of rules and regulations to govern the library
  • Financial authority over revenue and expenditures
  • Personnel authority to hire and remove employees of the library
  • Preparation of an annual budget

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Kathryn Growney Library Director (603) 483-5374

Board Members

Name Title
Nancy J. Mayland Member (2021)
Marilyn Cavanaugh Member (2023)
Elizabeth A. Michaud Member (2022)
Sharon I. Bluhm Alternate (2020)
Brenda M. Beer Alternate (2020)