Welfare Officer

For more than 200 years, under New Hampshire state statutes, Granite State municipalities have had a duty to provide assistance to those in their community who are in need.

RSA Chapter 165 in part states:  “Whenever a person in any town is poor and unable to support himself, he shall be relieved and maintained by the overseers of public welfare of such town, where or not he has a residence there.”

In conformance with state law, the Town of Auburn through the Board of Selectmen, have adopted guidelines for the application and provision of local public assistance.  The guidelines must be able to meet realistic costs of the basic necessities of life unique to the municipality.  These guidelines provide the process for application for general assistance, the criteria for determining eligibility and the process for appealing a decision relative to the granting of general assistance.

The Town of Auburn Welfare Guidelines and an Application for Public Assistance form is posted on this web page.

The names and addresses of people applying for and receiving assistance may not be made public.  The historical files, computerized data or paperwork that are created as a case is processed must be kept in a secure place that is not available to the public or to other town employees and elected officials who are not involved in the administering the case.  

Local assistance is not a grant or gift, and recipients are required to repay the amount of the assistance if and when they are able to do so.  A lien in favor of the municipality arises immediately upon the provision of assistance.  The lien would be recorded at the county Registry of Deeds as required by state statute.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Patricia Rousseau Welfare Officer (603) 483-5052 Ext. 100