Tax Collector Reports Tax Rate Increase Expected in December

Advising Taxpayers to Plan Ahead if Possible
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For 2019, the property tax rate for Auburn is expected to increase by a minimum of $2 per thousand dollars.

Why are my taxes going up so much?  There are several reasons which include increased budgets for the school      district and town that were approved by voters in March, in   addition to increased expenses for the county.  The largest single increase for the school budget is the first full year principle and interest payment due on the bond for the addition/renovation of the Auburn Village School.   

The July 2019 bill recently issued is 1/2 of the total taxes     assessed in 2018.  We are expecting the 2019 tax rate to be approximately $19.25 per thousand dollar assessed value of your home, compared to the 2018 tax rate of $17.06 per thousand dollar value of your home. (This rate is for planning purposes only – the actual tax rate will be set by the State of NH Department of Revenue Administration in October)


Assessed Value:                  $350,000

2018 Annual Tax:                $5,971

July 2019 Bill:                      $2,986 ($5,971 divided by 2 – rounded up)

Annual Tax Bill for 2019:   $6,737 (350 X $19.25)

December Bill:                    $3,751 (annual tax ($6,737) minus July payment ($2,986)

Increase of $765

Plan ahead – You can make payments towards the December bill at any time to lessen the impact of the expected tax increase.  If your taxes are escrowed you should make sure that you will not have a short fall in your escrow account – one way to do this is to make additional tax payments with the tax collector.

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Susan Jenkins, Tax Collector