Auburn's Equalized Valuation Determined to be 93%

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The NH Department of Revenue Administration (NHDRA) is charged with the responsibility of annually equalizing the local assessed value of municipalities and unincorporated places throughout the Granite State.  For tax year 2019, Auburn's median ratio has been determined to be 93.0% of market value of properties.

For 2019, the NHDRA had 92 documented sales of land, buildings or manufactured housing in Auburn from which to do its calculations.  This is a drop from 2018's equalized valuation of 99.6%.

The median ratio is the generally preferred measure of central tendency for assessment equity, monitoring appraisal performance, and determining reappraisal priorities or evaluating the need for reappraisal.  It is a measurement for the sale price of properties compared to the assessed value of properties.  A decreasing ratio like Auburn's is an indication of an active real estate market where properties are selling for higher amounts than the property has been asessed.

NHDRA has also determined the overall equalization assessment -- sales ratio for the land, buildings and manufeactured housing in Auburn -- for Tax Year 2019 to be 92.2%.  This ratio will be used to equalize the modified local assessed valuation for all land, buildings and manufactured housing in Auburn.  This ration does not include any public utility property in the community, not will it be used to equalize the net local assessment value of public utilities.