New Residents

New Resident Registrations - Moved From Another State

New Auburn residents who have moved from another state will need the following to register their vehicle(s).

  • Proof of Residency for the town of Auburn(Mail with legal address – not a PO Box)
  • Current out of State Registration
  • License
  • If the vehicle is 2000 or newer, you also need to bring in the title.
  • If you do not have the title and a lienholder does, we need the complete name and address of the lienholder
  • If there are two people on the registration/title, you must both come into the Town Clerk's office to process the new title and registration.

New Resident Registrations - Moved From Another NH Town

New resident moving in from another NH Town - when registering with Auburn you must bring in your current registration along with proof of residency - mail you receive at your Auburn legal address (not a P O Box)   If you have already changed your information with licensing this IS NOT proof of residency.  If you have any questions, call or email the Town Clerk.