Mosquito Control

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Mosquito Traps

Mosquito Control, Regulatory and General Pesticide Information
National Pesticide Information Center
Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Pesticide Information Database
Federal Environmental Protection Agency-Pesticides
NH DHHS- Preventing Diseases Spread By Mosquitoes
NH DHHS- Mosquito Control and Pesticides in NH
NH Department of Agriculture, Markets & Foods- Division of Pesticide Control

Swamp, Inc Mosquito/Tick Pesticide List

  • Vectobac CG (Bti)                   
  • Vectobac 12AS (Bti)                
  • Vectolex CG (Bs)                    
  • Vectolex WSP (Bs)                  
  • Natular 2EC (Spinosad)          
  • Natular G (Spinosad)              
  • Consume MP (Bti)                  
  • Abate 4E                                  
  • Abate 2-BG                             
  • Abate 5-BG                              
  • Altosid 30 day Briquettes          
  • Altosid XR Briquettes               
  • Altosid Liquid SR-5                
  • Altosid Liquid SR-20                
  • Altosid Pellets                          
  • Altosid Pellets WSP                
  • Altosid XR-G                            
  • BVA 2 Larvicide Oil                 
  • Anvil 2+2 ULV                          
  • CrossCheck Plus Multi           

Personal Repellent Use
US CDC Repellent Use Home Page
EPA Repellent Active Ingredients
EPA Repellent Use and Effectiveness
2013 American Academy of Pediatrics Recommendation Use of DEET on Children