Town Hall Entrance Renovation Work Awarded

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The Board of Selectmen has awarded a project for improving the front entrance to the Town Hall to Target New England, Historical Restorations of Alton Bay.

Work will include adjusting the front stairs, improving the roof over the stairs for better protection during inclement weather and painting the front of the Town Hall.

The Town had received three proposals for this work in mid-May.  After reviewing all three proposals, meeting with the apparent low bidder to ensure the required work was covered and checking references, the Board formally accepted the Target New England proposal totaling $32,460.

While considering the proposal, the Board also asked for a proposal to paint the remaining three sides of the Town Hall building, which was last done in 2008.  Target New England provided an additional quote of $18,760  for painting which was considered Change Order #1 for the renovation project. 

It is anticipated the renovation work will commence by mid-July and will take four to six weeks to complete.

During the time of construction, the public's access to the Town Hall will by use of a rear door.  Signage will mark the rear entrance during the construction.