Report on Parks & Recreation Facilitated Meeting

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The final step in seeking public input on the future structure of Parks and Recreation in Auburn was held on June 19th when a facilitated public meeting was held with the purpose of providing input for Town officials.

The facilitated meeting followed the holding of five smaller focus group discussions and the hosting of an online survey for broader input.

With the assistance of Primex, the Town's risk management carrier, a facilitiated meeting was held involving 24 Auburn residents and officials that addressed two questions:  "What Do You Want from Your Parks & Recreation Program?" and "How Does the Town of Auburn Envision Providing These Continued Services and Wanted Additional Services?"

Click Here to read the report of the community facilitation meeting held on June 19th.

The Board of Selectmen will be using the results of the focus group meetings, the online survey and the report of the community facitation as they work through the structure of Auburn Parks and Recreation moving forward.

This was one of the goals the Board established for 2018.