Joint Loss Management Committee

All employers in the State of New Hampshire with 15 or more full, part-time or seasonal employees must form a working Joint Loss Management Committee (JLMC).

This committee is one type of safety committee and is a cooperative effort involving representatives from management and the employees working together to control workplace hazards.

This relationship allows the employees who are most familiar with a work task input regarding safeguards instituted in the work environment.

Under the statute, the JLMC must include equal representation of management and employee representatives. The committee is required to meet at least four times per year. As the governing body for the Town of Auburn, the Board of Selectmen appoints the management representatives to the JLMC, and has determined the individuals holding the positions of Building Inspector / Code Enforcement Officer and Fire Department Chief will be the two management representatives on the committee. The employee representatives are chosen by the employees themselves with one position chosen from within the membership of the Auburn Police Union and the other position chosen by election within the non-union town employees.

The chair of the committee is chosen by the committee members, and must alternate each year from an employee member to a management member.

Joint Loss Management Committees are mandated for public & private employers by RSA 281- A: 64, the Workers' Compensation statute.

Appointed Officials, No term expirations.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
William G. Herman, CPM Town Administrator (603) 483-5052

Board Members

Name Title
Calvin Kapos Police Union Representative
Robert Selinga Fire Chief
Carrie Rouleau-Côté Building Inspector