Griffin Free Public Library Expands "Porch Pick-up"; Governor Rescinds 'Stay at Home' Order; Auburn Town Hall is Open for Business; Other COVID-19 Information:

Griffin Free Public Library Expands "Porch Pick-up", Remains Closed

The Trustees and staff of Griffin Free would like to thank you for your support over the past few months. Our “Porch Pick-Up” has become very popular with holds being placed in our catalog tripling as compared to usage prior to the pandemic. Although most of the libraries in the state are only starting their version of curbside at this time, we recognized Auburn was seeing a low rate of documented spread of COVID-19 and high number of library users unable to access our large digital content. When the Governor introduced his Stay at Home 2.0, we saw this as an opportunity to begin providing this service.

We are also excited to announce that we plan to expand our Porch Pick-Up hours as of June 16th. The new Porch Pick-Up hours will match with our previous building hours:

  • Tuesday: 10 AM – 6 PM
  •  Wednesday: 1 PM to 8 PM
  •  Thursday: 10 AM – 6 PM
  •  Friday: 10 AM – 5 PM
  •  Saturday: 10 AM – 2 PM

Although the Governor has announced the Stay at Home order expires on June 15, we are still operating during a global pandemic with community spread continuing in the state. With the state moving to a “Stay at Home Advisory”, where businesses are allowed to reopen if they can meet the Governor's guidance, but are not required to reopen.

We are a very small space and social distancing is not possible with how we are currently laid out. The Governor just released guidance for reopening libraries that the Trustees and Library Director are now reviewing.

Therefore the Library Trustees have determined the building remains closed to the pubic as we investigate service options that will keep both our staff and patrons as safe as possible.

Governor Sununu Issues Stay at Home Directive

Governor Sununu has allowed the statewide "Stay at Home" to expire as of June 15th, and has replaced it with a "Stay at Home Advisory" for those members of the public who are vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus.  With the lifting of the "Stay at Home" order also is a lifting of the restriction oon gatherings of 10 or more individuals.   The Governor's actions does not mean the Covid-19 virus is not still active.  All members of the public are encouraged to continue to practive safe social distancing in public places and to take precautionary steps as health care professionals recommend.

Auburn Town Hall Limits Operations Due to Covid-19

With the lifting of the "Stay at Home" order statewide, access to the Auburn Town Hall has also eased to allow up to five individuals into the building at a time for various transactions.  The front door remains locked to ensure the total number of customers does not exceed five at any one time.  Bright pink "X"s mark the places where individuals can remain a safe distance from other residents while in the Town Hall for the Town Clerk's Office, Tax Collector's Office and Building Inspector's Office.

At the same time, the Board of Selectmen has resumed the holding of face-to-face public meetings beginning with their meeting on Monday, June 15th.  Each Town Board will determine how it will conduct their business in terms of either continued remote meetings or resuming regular public meetings.  Although the "Stay at Home" order has been lifted, the overall "State of Emergency" is still in place and a number of other public orders remain in effect due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Town employees are working to meet the needs of our residents and, to the extent possible, please use the various online services available to renew your car registration, apply for a building permit, register your dog, look at property records and more.   If you need a Town service, please click on this link to see if it is available online or who to call in advance.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and consideration!  Let’s keep everyone safe.

Auburn Board of Selectmen

Circle of Fun Playground

Following the closure of the Auburn Village School, and after a discussion with the Town's Health Officer with input from State officials, Parks and Recreation has decided to close the Circle of Fun Playground until further notice. Parks and Recreation staff will take advantage of this down time to perform maintenance and power wash the playground equipment to ensure they are ready for use in the warmer months. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Town Government Board and Committee Meetings

At this point in time, the normal schedule of Town government board and committee meetings are planning to be held.  Under the Governor's emergency directives, public meetings with less than nine people are allowed to be held.

Whenever meetings and hearings are held, municipal officials will strive to follow Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for public gatherings, including:

  • Posting signage encouraging people to wash their hands when entering the building, staying home if sick or if they have been exposed to someone who is sick, and covering their mouths when they cough or sneeze;
  • Spacing seating father apart than usual to promote social distancing, including the distance between board members, if possible; and
  • Wiping down common surfaces before and after meetings.

State Senator Sharon Carson

The emergency conditions have even affected the New Hampshire State Legislature.  The NH House of Representatives and State Senate have ceased operations for at least one week, with Legislative offices closed during this time.

Senator Sharon Carson has reached out to indicate she is still available and ready to be of assistance to Auburn residents who have issues or business with New Hampshire's state government during this time.  Auburn residents who need to reach Senator Carson are urged to contact her via e-mail at:  [email protected]