Town Considers Declaring Robie Family Burial Ground Abandoned

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The Auburn Board of Selectmen has scheduled a public hearing on Monday, December 17, 2018 beginning at 7:00 P.M. at the Auburn Town Hall, pursuant to the provisions of RSA 289:19 through RSA 289:21:21 for the purposes of considering a request from the Trustees of the Cemetery to declare the Robie Family Burial Ground as an abandoned burial ground for the purposes of preservation and maintenance.

This public notice announces the intent of the Town, after determining that the Robie Family Burial Ground has been abandoned for 20 years or more, to have the Robie Family Burial Ground declared an abandoned burial ground. This will enable the Town, through its Cemetery Trustees, to provide basic maintenance to the property.

The Robie Family Burial Ground is a small, private family burial ground located near the Auburn / Derry town line in a wooded area off Hemlock Spring Road, which today is known as Winters Way.  The name “Robie” is also spelled “Roby” on a few headstones.  The Robie Family Burial Ground is clearly identified with a granite fence post boundary and is properly identified in subdivision plans of the surrounding property. 

It appears to be the burial site for at least six members of the Robie family. The names and dates on the gravestones in the burial grounds include:

ROBIE, Emeline W., d. Dec 18, 1860, a 30 y.

Mary J., dau. Of Nathan and Sophia, d. May 28, 1843, a. 20 y.

ROBY, Nancy, d. June 20, 1864, a. 36 y.

SHELDON, Lucinda (Roby), wife of Jacob, d. June 13, 1858, a. 37 y.

Mary J., dau. Of Jacob and Lucinda, d. Jan.28, 1849, a. 2y – 9m.

WELCH, Sidney B., son of Orlando and Hannah, d. July 9, 1858, a. 1y 7 m

The Town of Auburn is requesting any direct descendent of the Robie Family to contact the Selectmen’s Office by mail (P.O. Box 309, Auburn, NH  03032), by telephone (603-483-5052) or by e-mail (  concerning the status of the burial ground as soon as possible or by December 17, 2018.