Second Mailing of Year-End Property Tax Bills

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Auburn property owners received a second issue tax bill  at the end of October that left many individuls questioning the calcualtions on those bills.

A review of the bills determined that some of the tax bills may have contained a missing or wrong "OTHER VALUE" under the Assessed Valuation section that itemizes building value, land value, other value, exemptions and current use.

"Other Value" includes items such as swimming pools, sheds, fireplaces, etc.

The net value and the total amount due contained in the original bill were NOT affected by the missing or wrong values.

However, the printing firm recognized the error made in the printing process and has run correct bills that will be received in the mail during the first week of November.  The corrected bills are printed on colored paper to make them stand out from the original tax bills, and contained a statement about the printing in the top left-hand corner.

Click here to view a sample copy of the new bills being sent out.

For those taxpayers who have already paid their tax bills, there is nothing further you would have to do.  The due date for the second issue property tax bills remains as December 10, 2018.