Report of Facilitated Joint School & Town Meeting

School Improvement Committee Named by School Board
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Auburn School Board Chairman Keith Leclair has announced the School Board has appointed a 14-member School Improvement Committee to work with the School Board on the renovation goals of the Auburn Village School.


The formation of the committee is one of the outcomes of a facilitiated meeting held jointly for school and town officials in June.  Click here to see the report of the June 28th meeting.


"First let me formally thank everyone that has shown interest in supporting the school board by volunteering for the School Improvement Committee (SIC). Due to the number of volunteers and the limits set forth for the number of committee members, nominations were made and accepted by the Board," he said.  


"Our goal in selecting members was to achieve a solid cross section of the community with members that had various points of view and perspectives," he reported in announcing the appointments.


The SIC members include:


School Members:

Lori Collins - Principal

Keith Leclair - School Board

Dr. Phil Littlefield (or SAU delegate) - Superintendent 

Open position - School admin or teacher (to be filled)


Town government members:

Peter Miles, Budget Committee Chair

Jess Edwards, State Representative and Planning Board Alternate

Mike DiPietro, Zoning Board of Adjustment and Highway Safety Committee

Jim Headd, Board of Selectmen Chair


Community Members:

Tom Gonyea

Jennifer Anderson

Jason Tyburski

Diane Proulx

Doug Blay

Lincoln Daley



All interested individuals are welcome to attend meetings once they are set.   Once the first meeting date in September is chosen, it will be posted. At the first meeting, the SIC members will select a chair will be nominated and future meeting dates selected. 


"I would like to impress upon everyone that the School Board and this committee will need all the support we can get. So even if you are not a member of this committee, there will still be a place for everyone that wants to be involved. We anticipate sub-committees being formed to support different functions of the SIC.," Leclair said.


"Again, on behalf of the entire board, we want to thank everyone for their interest," he said.