Auburn Fire Department Parade Route on October 14th

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Auburn Fire Department 2018 Fire Prevention Week

Parade Route  October 14, 2018


Leaving the Safety Complex @ 10:30 A.M.                   


Right onto Eaton Hill Road to Hooksett Road,                                         

Right onto Hooksett Road to Heather Circle,                              

Right onto Heather Circle                                                

Left on Hooksett Road                                                                      

Right on Harvard                                                                

Left on Cedar Crest                                                                             

Right on Harvard                                                                

Right on Hooksett                                                                              


Left onto Maple Farm Road to Morgan Drive,

Right onto Morgan Drive to the end at McEvoy,

Right onto McEvoy to Hooksett Road,

Left onto Hooksett Road

Right on Rockingham Rd

Left on King

Left on Manchester Rd

Left on Hooksett Rd

Right on Old Candia Road,


Right onto Joan Drive to Walnut Drive,

Left onto Walnut to Chester Turnpike,

Right onto Chester Turnpike to the end,

Left onto Dearborn Hill Road to Buttonwood Drive,


Right onto Buttonwood to Grape Vine,

Left onto Grape Vine to Stoney Brook,

Right onto Stoney Brook to Sag Harbor,

Right onto Sag Harbor to Buttonwood Drive,

Left onto Buttonwood Drive to Whitetail Crossing,

Right onto Whitetail Crossing to Spruce Lane,

Right onto Spruce Lane to Dearborn Hill Road,


Left onto Dearborn Hill Road to Coleman Road,

Right onto Coleman Road to Bunker Hill Road,

Left onto Bunker Hill to Gardner Road,

Left onto Gardner Road to Pond View Drive,

Left onto Pond View, around Pond View and back to Gardner,

Right onto Gardner to Bunker Hill,

Left onto Bunker Hill Road to Chester Road,


Left on Chester

Left on Nathaniel

Right onto Chester

Left on Hawthorne

Right on Willow

Left onto Calef Road to Pingree Hill Road,

Right onto Pingree Hill Road to Rattlesnake Hill Road,

Left onto Rattlesnake Hill Road to Sandy Knoll,


Left onto Sandy Knoll to Wilson’s Crossing,

Left onto Wilson’s Crossing to Windsor Drive,

Left onto Windsor Drive to Winter Drive,

Right onto Winter Drive to Londonderry Turnpike,

Right onto Londonderry Turnpike to Rattlesnake Hill Road,


Right onto Rattlesnake Hill Road to Nutt Road,

Left onto Margate Drive to Lantern Lane,

Right onto Lantern Lane to Wilson’s Crossing,

Left onto Wilson’s Crossing to Sun Valley,  

Left onto Sun Valley to Apple Tree,

Around Apple Tree and back to Hunting Road,

Left onto Hunting to Wilson’s Crossing,

Left onto Wilson’s Crossing to Chester Road,

Left onto Chester Road to Raymond Road,


Right onto Raymond Road and return to the Safety Complex